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We are excited to invite you to participate in ASBA’s Teacher and Administrator Salary and Benefit Survey for the 2023-24 school year. This is an exclusive opportunity for ASBA member districts to contribute to and benefit from comprehensive data that can enhance decision-making processes related to salaries and benefits. 

Why Participate? 

Every year, ASBA conducts two essential salary and benefits surveys exclusively for its member districts: 

  • Teacher and Administrator Survey (including administrative professionals for governing boards/superintendents) 
  • Superintendent Survey 

Purpose and Benefits: 

The ASBA surveys provide invaluable comparative data for school district leaders, aiding in critical decisions regarding compensation for teachers, principals, assistant principals, district-level administrators and superintendents. All data is self-reported by school districts using an online collection tool provided by ASBA. This year, we’ve streamlined the process by removing questions that request basic district data, which we will obtain directly from A.D.E. reports. 

Survey Timeline: 

  • Opens: Tuesday, July 9, 2024 
  • Closes: Friday, August 2, 2024 

Exclusive Member Benefits: 

  • All ASBA members receive a summary of the survey results. 
  • Districts that complete the teacher-administrator survey receive the full data set in Excel format. 

(Not familiar with the survey? Email Ben Adams at for last year’s summary report to see the valuable insights you can gain.) 

Steps for Easy Completion: 

  1. Print the blank survey. 
  1. Gather and record all data on the printed survey. 
  1. Submit the data via the online survey form. 


This information has been sent to the superintendent, governing board president, supt./board administrative professional and business manager. Please ensure only one person completes and submits the survey on behalf of your district. 

Access the Surveys: 

  • Teacher and Administrator Survey: 
  • Superintendent Survey: 

By participating in these surveys, you contribute to a valuable resource that benefits the entire ASBA community. We encourage you to take part and make the most of this exclusive membership advantage. 

Thank you for your commitment to enhancing educational leadership and excellence.