Attention Super Users! Join ASBA Policy Bridge Regional Trainings for FREE and Supercharge Your Expertise! Tombstone Unified School District

April 12, 2024

Hey, Super Users! Are you ready to take your knowledge and leadership to the next level without spending a dime? ASBA Policy Bridge Regional Trainings are here, and they won’t cost you a cent.


Why ASBA Policy Bridge Regional Training is a Super User’s Dream (for Free!): ASBA Policy Bridge is your express lane to mastering education policies, governance and leadership. Our regional trainings are designed with Super Users in mind, offering the latest insights and strategies for navigating the dynamic education landscape, and the best part? They are absolutely FREE!

Here’s Why Super Users Shouldn’t Miss Out:

✅ Learn from the Best for Free: Gain wisdom from the ASBA policy experts with extensive experience in educational governance without any cost.

✅ Hands-On Workshops: Roll up your sleeves and dive into interactive workshops and group discussions that match your skill level, all at no expense.

✅ Expand Your Super Network for Free: Connect with fellow Super Users, share your experiences and build a powerful professional network.

✅ Stay Ahead of the Game (for Free!): Keep your edge with the most up-to-date trends and policies in the education arena, all for free.

✅ Customized for Super Users (Did We Mention It’s Free?): Our content is tailored to meet the unique needs of those who already know the ropes, and yes, it’s still FREE!

📅 Upcoming 2024 Regional Trainings:

Northern AZ – Monday, June 10 – Holbrook Unified School District

Tuesday, June 11 – Prescott Unified School District

Exciting News: Unveil the New Super User Mascot and Get Free Super Swag!

We have a special treat for you! During our regional trainings, we will unveil our brand-new Super User Mascot, a symbol of your expertise and dedication. As a bonus, all attendees will receive FREE super swag to showcase your Super User status proudly.

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Questions from a Super User Perspective? Our policy support team is ready to assist you at 602-254-1100.

Join us and become a Super User shaping the future of education for FREE! ASBA Policy Bridge – Connecting Knowledge, Bridging Super Leadership.

Don’t forget to bring your own laptops/devices!

Friday, April 12

1:00 pm -


Kickstart our gathering with a warm welcome! Join the ASBA Policy Team for an invigorating introduction to set the tone for an engaging and collaborative session. Get ready for an exciting day filled with valuable insights and networking opportunities.


Super User Mascot Unveiled

Be the first to witness the unveiling of our exclusive Super User Mascot! Join us for a fun-filled reveal as we introduce the symbol that embodies the spirit of superusers in school districts. Unleash your enthusiasm and get ready to embrace our new mascot!


Raffle Drawing #1

The anticipation builds as we announce the first round of our exciting raffle drawings! Stay tuned for a chance to win fantastic prizes and add an extra element of excitement to our gathering. Don't miss out on the thrill – your luck might just be in!


Common Ground

Connect, share and discover common ground with fellow superusers. Engage in interactive discussions, exchange best practices and strengthen the sense of community among district leaders. This session is designed to foster collaboration and build a network of support.


Resource Update & Input

Stay in the loop with the latest resources and updates tailored for superusers. Learn about new tools, methodologies, and best practices that can enhance your role in school districts. Share your insights and contribute to the collective knowledge pool.


Policy Reviews

Dive into in-depth policy reviews tailored for superusers. Explore the intricacies of current policies, continuous policies and formal policy reviews. Discuss potential improvements and strategize on effective implementation. This session aims to enhance your understanding and impact on policy-related matters.


Policy Bridge Update & FAQs

Navigate the policy landscape with confidence! Get the latest updates on Policy Bridge and explore frequently asked questions. Gain valuable insights into leveraging this platform effectively to bridge policy gaps within school districts.


General Questions/Comments/Tips

An open forum for superusers to ask questions, share comments and exchange tips. Whether seeking advice or offering your expertise, this session encourages active participation. Let the collective wisdom of the group guide discussions on various aspects of school district superuser roles.


Raffle Drawing #2

Brace yourselves for the grand finale! The second round of our raffle drawing promises even more excitement and fantastic prizes. Stay engaged and hopeful – you might be the lucky winner walking away with a memorable reward!


Individual Work Time

Bring your own device. Wind down and focus on your individual tasks and clean out your policy queues. Use this dedicated time to reflect, implement insights gained throughout the day, and work independently on specific policy advisories waiting for adoption. This session allows you to customize your experience and apply your newfound knowledge in a way that suits your unique role as a superuser. The ASBA Policy Team is there to answer any questions or concerns.


April 12, 2024 @ Tombstone Unified School District

1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

815 E Fremont St, Tombstone, AZ 85638

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