Attendance: President Ballantyne, Vice President Carter, Superintendent Douglas, Dr. Cheng, Dr. Rottweiler, Member Mak, Member Baker, and Member Taylor

  2. Presidents Report: The SBE retreat will take place this summer and the current topics include the impact of literacy and poverty on education. The March 27th Board meeting has been canceled to allow more time to gather public feedback on the A-F Accountability plan. Lastly, Superintendent Douglas and President Ballantyne announced the Polly Rosenbaum creative writing contest award winners for 2017.
  3. Superintendent’s Report: Superintendent Douglas spoke about the recent meetings surrounding the Department’s IT Budget and the impact it would have on schools if it was not approved.
    1. Approval of the University of Phoenix, Elementary Education Post Degree (Alternative Pathway) elementary educator preparation program leading to Arizona educator certification.
    2. Approval of the following secondary educator preparation programs leading to Arizona educator certification:
      1. Arizona Christian University, Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education
      2. Arizona State University, Bachelors of Arts in Education, Secondary Education
  • Arizona State University, Masters of Education, Secondary Education
  1. Pima Community College, Post-Degree Secondary Teacher Certification
  2. Rio Salado Community College, Post-Baccalaureate Secondary Program
  3. Teach Now, Secondary Teacher Certification
  • University of Arizona, Bachelors of Science or Bachelors of Arts in Mathematics with Secondary Certification
  • University of Arizona, Master of Arts in French with Secondary Certification
  1. University of Arizona, Master of Arts in German with Secondary Certification
  2. University of Arizona, Master of Arts in Latin with Secondary Certification
  3. University of Phoenix, Secondary Education Post Degree (Alternative Pathway)
  1. Acceptance of the Special Education Advisory Panel Annual Report for FY 15-16
  2. Approval of recommended of Susan Voirol to the Special Education Advisory Panel to fill the position of a vocational community or business organization concerned with the provision of transition services to children with disabilities until June 30, 2018.
  3. Acceptance of the Arizona Education Learning and Accountability System development and implementation.
  4. Authorization of receipt and expenditure of funds from the U.S. Department of Agriculture and authorization to the Department of Education to disburse funding to eligible recipients for Child Nutrition Programs.

Becky Hill, AZ Chamber of Commerce, addressed that fact that the Chamber very much appreciated the changes made to the menu of assessments but still believed that the technical requirements were above and beyond what the law required.

Chris Kotterman, on behalf of ASBA, ASA, Center for the Future of Arizona, AZ Chamber of Commerce, A for Arizona, Arizona Charter Schools Association, and Stand for Children, thanked the A-F ad hoc committee for their work on the current components of the plan but stated that the above groups would not support a final draft that resembles the current form.


  1. The State Board of Education staff presented an overview of the current bills moving through the legislative process that would impact the Board. Board members had a brief conversation on Empowerment Scholarship Accounts, specifically SB1281 and the negative impact this would have on schools across the state.
  2. Unanimously accepted the report from the A-F ad hoc committee and directed SBE staff to secure public comments on the draft components and add any necessary resources to complete the task.

B3. Unanimously approved extending the approval date of the alternative accountability plan for alternative schools and AOI schools until August 2017.

  1. Unanimously approved the policies and procedures for the assessment of vendor proposals for

the Menu of Assessments per ARS 15-741.02 and section 111 E2H of ESSA.

  1. Approved, on a 6-1 vote, the student teacher intern written supervision plans for the following universities:
    1. Northern Arizona University
    2. University of Arizona
    3. Grand Canyon University
    4. Arizona State University
  1. Unanimously approved a general guideline for certification enforcements actions. The general guidelines include a 1-year minimum suspension, 2-year presumptive suspension, and a maximum 3-year revocation.
  2. Approved, on a 6-1 vote, the motion to initiate rulemaking procedures for the proposed amendments to Board rule R7-2-619 regarding renewal requirements.

*This item is to address concerns in SB1057 that is currently moving through the legislative process.

  1. Unanimously approved the motion to direct staff to investigate the cost of procuring video

recording equipment to broadcast state board meetings.



The next regular board meeting will be April 24, 2017.