Gaby Cardenas

by | Jan 18, 2024

Gaby Cardenas is a highly acclaimed marketer and entrepreneur, boasting over 23 years of expertise in marketing, advertising, and strategic communications. Having ascended the corporate ladder, Gaby embarked on an entrepreneurial journey in 2017 when she founded The Colibri Collective, marking a significant milestone as the first Latina-owned digital marketing firm in Phoenix, Arizona. Since its inception, Gaby has propelled her agency to unprecedented heights, creating winning campaigns that mobilize and captivate diverse audiences nationwide, leveraging a combination of data, skill, and emotional resonance. 

The driving force behind Colibri Collective is Gaby’s commitment to collaborating with value-driven clients who aspire to make meaningful changes in our nation. Both Gaby and The Colibri Collective have garnered numerous national awards and consistent acclaim for their excellence in marketing and advertising. She was recently recognized for her leadership, as a Business Leader to Watch in 2024, securing a coveted spot on the AZ Big 100 List. Some of her other accolades include being named a recipient of the esteemed Business Journal Outstanding Women of the Year, 40 under 40 Hispanic Leaders, Capitol Times Women Achievers of Arizona, and a nominee for the Athena Award. 

Beyond her professional achievements, Gaby actively contributes to the community as a board member of the International Women’s Forum Arizona, the Arizona Donors Alliance, and ALL in Education. Her multifaceted impact underscores not only her prowess in the business arena but also her dedication to fostering positive change on a broader scale.