Custom On-Site Trainings


ASBA provides individualized training and professional development opportunities throughout the year that enhance the work of Arizona governing boards and encourage continued learning and improvement. Trainings are offered when and where you need them.

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Take a look at just a few of the choices available:

People appreciate when things run smoothly. This training helps your team identify ways to get the most out of your board meetings through general agenda setting and pacing. You may also chose to tailor the training to address specific issues impacting the flow or success of your team’s meetings.
Today’s leadership style and system may not always work with tomorrow’s leadership team. Job requirements, job descriptions, expectations and communication processes may change – sometimes unexpectedly – depending on the individual personalities on the team. To ensure a successful transition, ASBA offers a “Leadership Team Transition Workshop.” Help the new team discuss how they will work together, improve communications and work for continuous improvement of the district and the team.
Effective teams rely on understanding the role of each team member. This workshop helps the team focus on the different roles that the superintendent and the board must play to ensure a well-run district.
ASBA can provide a general or specific review of Arizona’s Open Meeting Law. The workshop can be tailored to meet the district’s individual needs (for example – discuss proper use of executive sessions more thoroughly). Contact Chris Thomas, ASBA General Counsel, Associate Executive Director at
ASBA provides training on how to advocate for public schools with your community, including how to connect with your legislators and local leaders. Contact Leigh Jensen, ASBA Governmental Relations Associate at
Allow the superintendent and the board president to participate in the planning process fully by having an ASBA facilitator coordinate your strategic planning meeting with the board. From helping develop vision, mission and belief statements to writing the high-level goals that the board will track.
Allow ASBA to help the board through an open meeting and positive process that celebrates the progress the board is making as a team while developing focused goals and action plans to keep the board team improving and supporting the goals of the district. Download PDF here.
Your team develops the agenda and ASBA helps you execute a productive board retreat, allowing the board president and superintendent to participate as a member of the team.
ASBA will work with your team to design a training that meets the specific needs of your board. Contact us to find out more.

Hiring a district superintendent is one of the most important functions of the school board. Boards can increase their ability to attract excellent candidates and find the right fit by ensuring they are search ready. Search ready boards:

  • Have agreement around the needs and priorities of the district
  • Have shared expectations around what skills and attributes are needed in a future superintendent to achieve the district’s goals.
  • Have members who are able to communicate effectively amongst themselves

Have an ASBA facilitator tailor a work session to meet the specific needs of your board as you embark upon your superintendent search.

Learn more about training opportunities for ASBA member boards by emailing Nikkie Whaley , Board Support and Training Specialist, at or calling 602.254.1100 or 800.238.4701.