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ASBA Messages

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Dear ASBA Members,

Recently, we asked state and national organizations to stand with ASBA and school board members who have experienced an unprecedented level of harassment and threatening behavior, both online and in person. Organized disturbances at board meetings and failure by some members of the public to abide by these rules have led to meetings being canceled or abruptly adjourned because of safety concerns for the board, staff and attendees. Increased police presence has been required in some instances.

While it is understandable that emotions can run high when our children are involved, the type of behavior we have seen in recent weeks is a poor example to our students and cannot continue.

We want to publicly thank the following organizations that shared the “We Stand With School Boards” graphic and sent a message to their members supporting our board member colleagues across the state.

The organizations include:

Arizona Association of School Business Officials

Arizona Business and Education Coalition

Arizona Education Association

Arizona Educational Foundation

Arizona School Administrators

Expect More Arizona

National School Boards Association

Save our Schools Arizona

Stand for Children

We thank the elected leaders and the above state and national organizations who have called for an end to these types of behavior. You acted and for that, we are extremely grateful and appreciative you continue to support school board members.


Dr. Sheila Harrison-Williams,

ASBA Executive Director 

Dr. Harrison Williams