Policy Services for Charter Schools


Policy Services for Charter Schools

Currently, charter schools are subject to nearly 100 state and federal laws. As laws change and new opinions are issued by the courts and legal officers, it is incumbent upon charter schools to ensure that their policies are in compliance. ASBA can help diminish the compliance burden. 

A chartering entity may join ASBA as an associate member and, as such, become eligible to receive ongoing Policy Services for a reasonable annual fee.

For more than 20 years, legal experts and educators from ASBA have developed and maintained compliance-directed policies for traditional public school districts throughout Arizona. Today, ASBA provides Policy Services to 97 percent of the districts in the state. Since 2002 ASBA Policy Services has offered its expertise to Arizona public charter schools as well.

The ASBA subscription service for charter schools includes:

  • A general, compliance-directed operations handbook for the governing body and staff.
  • The Special Education Checklist approved by the Arizona Department of Education Exceptional Student Services (ADE-ESS), which affirms IDEA policy compliance. (These materials are an included component for Policy Services subscribers, and available on a fee basis to non-subscribing schools.)
  • Annual modification to the handbook based on legislative changes and local preferences.
  • Critical policy updates
  • Consultation with ASBA Policy Services professionals during business hours.
  • Advisories from ASBA Policy Services in response to legislative action and whenever other modifications are needed to achieve compliance.
  • Web access to a searchable, electronic version of the handbook.
  • Access to informational databases that support the handbook, including those detailing federal and state laws and regulations.

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