Policy Services Overview



policy services overview

A subscription to Policy Services provides ASBA member districts with a comprehensive, cost-efficient way to ensure the District Policy Manual is in compliance with state and federal laws and regulations. We do this through a license to the ASBA Model Policy Manual© and timely Policy Advisories that are issued throughout the year, plus a range of supports designed to make policy adoption, implementation and review effective, efficient, and in tune with your local needs. Download/print a copy of the Policy Services Overview here.

The ASBA Model Policy Manual©

All ASBA original policy content, including Policy Advisories as they are issued, are compiled into the ASBA Model Policy Manual©. Its purpose is to ensure member districts are in compliance with state and federal laws and regulations. Districts that subscribe to ASBA Policy Services are licensed to use the ASBA Model Policy and Manual as the basis for their own District Policy Manual.

Policy Advisories

Policy Services subscribers also are licensed to utilize the ASBA Policy Advisories they receive throughout the year. Policy Advisories contain model policies, regulations and exhibits developed by ASBA in response to changes to or new interpretations of state and federal laws and regulations. These are issued by ASBA to subscribing districts in a timely fashion to ensure that governing boards can adopt them into the District Policy Manual and rely on policy that is up to date. 

On-Call Experts

We recognize that understanding and implementing policy can be complex and, sometimes, confusing. That’s why we make our policy and governance experts  available for on-call information when you need it as part of the Policy Services subscription at no additional cost. The superintendent, members of the governing board and the administrative professional supporting them may contact ASBA Policy Services at any time for information or assistance concerning specific policy matters.

Online Hosting of the District Policy Manual

The most current version of the District Policy Manual for public access is hosted by ASBA through the PolicyBridge® platform at no additional cost. This element of ASBA Policy Services removes the burden from district staff for keeping a paper, pdf or online manual updated and also provides 24/7 public access. Posted in an electronic, web-based format, the manual is easily navigable, and available on both the district and ASBA website.

Our PolicyBridge® platform also includes timesaving editing, search and comparison functions. The editing function enables customization and electronic submission of documents to ASBA Policy Services for timely online publishing to the District Policy Manual. The search function allows subscribing districts to easily navigate their own manual and compare their policies to those of other districts.

Policy Manual Reviews

ASBA advises that all districts that subscribe to Policy Services undertake a policy manual review every four years to ensure that no lapses in compliance exist. ASBA’s policy services team does a comprehensive comparison of the District Policy Manual to the ASBA Model Policy Manual© to see where gaps may exist. The review also provides an opportunity for the district to consider and discuss with ASBA policy experts any changes or customizations it may want to make to make to the District Policy Manual to reflect local needs, priorities and practices.

Policy Amendment Assistance

Policy amendment assistance is available at no additional cost to assist Member Districts that are considering revision of their policies, whether in response to a Policy Advisory or at the initiative of the district to make a change that reflects local needs, priorities and practices.

Note: We believe in local control. Policy Services subscribers may add policies to their District Policy Manuals that have not been developed by ASBA or may edit or customize ASBA developed policies in ways that significantly differ from the copyrighted policy developed and provided to subscribers by ASBA. Such policies are considered the district’s own; ASBA copyright does not pertain to those policies, as the District Policy Manual will reflect.

Access to ASBA's Employee Handbook Service

Employee Handbook Service is available exclusively to ASBA Policy Services subscribers. Our Employee Handbook is customizable and connects your district policy to the rules, conditions and expectations of employment in an easily customizable format. As with Policy Services, Employee Handbook subscribers are advised of changes to the law that impact the content of the handbook and Policy Services staff are available to answer questions and provide support as needed.

Participation in ASBA Policy Services is subscription-based and available only to ASBA member districts. The subscription is for 48-months and licenses the district to utilize copyrighted material developed by ASBA solely during that period. Subscription fees are determined on a sliding scale based on district enrollment. Membership in ASBA is required throughout the period of the agreement. ASBA Policy Services for charter schools is also available; an associate membership in ASBA is required.

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