Required Board Actions Calendar


Calendar of Required Board Actions

Throughout each year, governing boards periodically must take certain policy-related actions to comply with state and federal laws as well as board policies. Some actions do not have specific time frames, a portion require action on an annual or biennial basis and still others specify finite dates by which action shall have been taken.

How to use the calendar:

The policy services team maintains a calendar of recommended and required dates for subscribers.  This calendar is not a comprehensive list of every event that ASBA offers or every date a board member must know about.  Instead, it is a comprehensive list of statutory deadlines and where those deadlines are listed in the ASBA model policy manual.  The calendar is intended for use by district administrators in conjunction with the ASBA policy manual.  For example, state law requires that boards hold an organizational meeting between January 1stand January 15th following the election.  This required action is placed in Policy BDA – Board Organizational Meeting.  The calendar notifies subscribers that the action must occur in January and that the specifics of the requirement are in BDA and A.R.S. 15-321.  The communications department created a colorful calendar that is intended as a companion piece to the more detailed calendar created by policy services.  This calendar may be used by district administrators and executive staff to identify deadlines to achieve statutory compliance.

This calendar has been developed to provide as much specificity as possible.

  • Where the statute or regulation lacks specificity, the calendar provides a suggested timeline for the action.
  • Activities that have statutory timelines are organized in the listing by date.
  • Others have suggested dates based upon an assumption that the actions should be conducted in conjunction with time frames determined by other activities such as the organizational meeting of the board or the adoption of the budget.
  • A notation on the affected items indicates when an alternate period may be selected at local discretion. The information enclosed in square brackets is the legal authority for the policy.
  • A star symbol at the end of a statement indicates governing board action is required.

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