We are thrilled that voters have spoken and confirmed K-12 education remains a top priority in Arizona.

The Impact to Schools and Students

All Arizona public schools will get an adjustment for this current year in June of 2016 to use immediately to retain teachers and support student learning.

Their vote has settled a seven-year legal battle that our public schools have been waging to receive the annual inflation funding that is guaranteed them by law.

As a result of a successful passage, more than half-a-million Arizona public school students in kindergarten through seventh grade will finally have the opportunity to learn in a classroom that was funded in the manner voters intended when they passed Prop. 301 in 2000.

Next Steps to Address Arizona’s K-12 Funding Issues

We are relieved that the dark cloud placed over schools since 2008 has been removed, and now it’s time to focus on fully funding classrooms. With the passage of Prop. 123, the focus now must shift to creating a long-term plan to better meet the needs of K-12 students.

Our next steps include:

  • Work collaboratively with leaders in business, education, government and the nonprofit sectors to continue to keep education front and center in the debate for Arizona’s future.
  • Renew and update the funding elements in Prop 301, which generates more than $600 million annually for education each year and expires in 2021.
  • Address the capital funding needs of our public schools, which have had to defer repairs and improvements for far too long.
  • Advocate for responsible use of the state surplus dollars, part of which could be used to restore funding cuts from previous years.
  • Restoration of state funded Full Day Kindergarten, an unfortunate victim of the Recession-era cuts.
  • Continue to educate state leaders on the need for policy changes to address current-year funding in the coming years.
  • Address the collapse of the state funding system for the maintenance and building of school facilities to ensure that all students are in schools conducive to learning consistent with our constitution.

We continue to advocate for a collaborative effort from state leaders to fully fund education, and implement the changes we need in public education to ensure that students can succeed in Arizona.

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