Proposed ASBA Bylaw Change

2021 Proposed ASBA Bylaw Change | Online Voting Form

Each ASBA member district is entitled to one vote. The decision on how to vote must be an official governing board action. 

The board’s electronic vote must be received no later than 5 p.m., Friday, Dec. 13, 2021. Results will be announced on Dec. 16, 2021, at the ASBA Annual Membership Meeting.  

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Article V, Section 2(B) – Officers and Board of Directors and Executive Committee 

…Ex-officio members of the Arizona School Boards Association Board of Directors shall be:…   

Section 2(b).  Any member of an ASBA active member Governing Board serving as President of the Arizona Hispanic Native American Indian Caucus Hispanic Caucus, Native American Caucus and Black Caucus during his/her term of office in the Caucus such caucus or any successor caucus by another name. 


This change is being sought by the Hispanic-Native American Indian Caucus (HNAIC) and is endorsed by the ASBA Board of Directors. It would create a seat on the ASBA Board of Directors so that Hispanic and Native American interests can be represented simultaneously on the board. Currently, there is one seat on the ASBA Board of Directors designated for a representative of the HNAIC and it alternates every two years between Hispanic representation and Native American representation, creating gaps in representation. By contrast, the Black Alliance has a seat on the ASBA Board of Directors, ensuring representation on the board at all times. This proposed bylaw change also provides the flexibility for the HNAIC to split into two distinct groups if its members so choose and allows those groups to change their names and be recognized under the new names.  

A YES vote is recommended by the ASBA Board of Directors.