Arizona School Admin Professionals


Arizona School Administrative Professionals

ASAP supports and offers resources to district staff who provide administrative support to governing boards and/or superintendents.

Mission & Goals

The mission of the Arizona School Administrative Professionals (ASAP) is to develop training, peer support networks and recognition programs that address common needs and concerns of school administrative professionals. This professional group was developed in consultation with governing board administrative assistants from throughout the state.

Our goals are to:

  • Elevate and promote professional standards, including a code of conduct.
  • Mentor individuals new to the position.
  • Develop a communication network that enables sharing of timely and relevant information and best practices.
  • Increase awareness of the vital role of professional development in effectiveness, staff retention and job satisfaction.
  • Influence and inform the content and delivery of professional development provided by ASBA to administrative professionals.

Listserv – Stay Connected!

The ASAP listserv is a resource for board and superintendent secretaries from across Arizona. This tool will enable board and superintendent administrative professionals to connect electronically with all those in the group to ask questions, share best practices and provide support to one another.

As you use the listserv, please remember:

  • Questions and conversations should be “workplace” appropriate.
  • The listserv will be monitored by ASBA and questions about the group can be directed to us at the below email addresses.

Events Just for You!

ASBA has designated two events annually that will have sessions and topics specifically developed for board/superintendent administrative assistants. Each year the following events will have ASAP tracks with professional development curated from a survey of administrative professionals:
  • Board Operations and Leadership Training (BOLTS)
  • Summer Leadership Institute (SLI)

Professional Development Recognition Program

ASAP High Five Award
To receive this designation, board secretaries, yearly, must:

  • Update the district’s profile in the ASBA database
  • Participate in the ASAP listserv
  • Register for and attend an ASAP specific webinar

ASAP Professional Development Recognition
Attend ASBA events for continuing education units. Board secretaries have two categories under which they can earn CEUs:

Core Content: This content is developed specifically for board secretaries and is delivered during BOLTS and Summer Leadership Institute.

Elective Content: This includes any ASBA content not specifically designed for ASAP professionals but cannot exceed the number of hours earned in core content.

CEUs accrued and awards are presented per the following schedule:

  • Level 1: 5 hours
  • Level 3: 35 hours
  • Level 5: 65 hours
  • Level 2: 20 hours
  • Level 4: 50 hours

Additional Information

Arizona School Admin Professionals
Watch a video about our School Admin Professionals.

Join the ASBA Listserv
To join the ASBA Listserv – please contact 

Whether you are an experienced administrative professional or new to the profession, ASAP is here for you... This year we created a packet for Arizona School Administrative Professionals. Download the 2024 Packet Here.

Did your superintendent receive ASBA's Superintendent Welcome Packet? Each year, ASBA mails a welcome packet to all superintendents with new association updates, services, calendar of events and other timely and relevant information. Download the 2024 Packet Here.