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Running for School Board?

Local school boards are a uniquely American institution and at the heart of this country’s public education system. A board’s existence is based on the belief that lay control of public education makes schools flexible and responsive to the needs of the local community. #KeepEducationLocal

Serving as a member of your local school board is one of the most challenging and rewarding jobs you will ever undertake. It also is an enormous responsibility. As a school board member, the decisions you make will affect children and their parents, the livelihood of school district employees and the economic well-being of your community. Service to a board requires time, energy, a willingness to learn about issues affecting your schools and a passion for a public education system committed to providing the best and most appropriate education for all children entrusted to its care.
Effective school board members share some common attributes. Before deciding to run for election to your local governing board, consider whether you possess the qualities that will enable you to best serve your community.
  • Have a conviction that public education is important.
  • Are committed to improving public education for all children in Arizona.
  • Possess a sincere desire to serve the community, rather than a desire for personal glory or to achieve a personal goal.
  • Have the ability to understand the forces of change in our society and foresee, to some extent, the shape of the future in order to plan wisely.
  • Have loyalty to the democratic process.
  • Have the courage to make difficult decisions, defend the philosophy and goals of the organization and withstand criticism from people who hold opposing views.
  • Are able to accept the will of the majority and support a decision when it is made by the board.
  • Respect the diversity of perspectives and cultural backgrounds on the board and in the community and enabling them to serve with tolerance and without prejudice.
  • Participate in a collaborative culture, recognizing that success in achieving board goals and implementing ideas requires a team approach.
  • Communicate well with others.
  • Are willing to invest the significant time and energy required by board service.
  • Are available to attend all board meetings and related board work.
  • Strive to be knowledgeable about policies and programs.
  • Have professional respect for district staff.
  • Are respected and involved in their communities.
  • Bring a broad base of knowledge and experience to the job, enabling them to vote with intelligence and confidence on complex issues such as finance, curriculum and student-employee-community relationships.
  • Know that the reputation of the entire school district is reflected in their behavior and attitude.
  • Understand the board’s roles and responsibilities.
  • Are wiling to learn from others.

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Becoming a Board Member
The Arizona School Boards Association is solely responsible for this advertisement. The Arizona School Boards Association is an association of school districts authorized under Arizona Revised Statutes section 15-342 and a non-profit organization organized under section 501c3 of the Internal Revenue Code. The Arizona School Boards Association is non-partisan and seeks to promote public education, local control of education and school board governance. School board members, whose school districts make up the Arizona School Boards Association’s membership, are elected or appointed, non-partisan and serve for no remuneration.

Request an ASBA Representative
Your organization or community group can learn more about school board service and how to become a board member by requesting an ASBA representative to speak at your event or meeting.