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Welcome to the wonderful world of school board service and congratulations on your new community leadership role! Serving on a school board gives you the opportunity to have a significant impact on the students and employees in your school district. It is a job that is time consuming and, at times, stressful but ultimately it will be one of the most fulfilling and rewarding experiences of your life.

The information we provide on this webpage will help you navigate the first two years of your board service and beyond. We have developed “Journey 2021-2022” just for you and you can explore the different parts of that program below.

ASBA has created a two-year program that will provide an opportunity for newly elected and appointed board members to connect with one another through a number of different activities. “Journey 2021-2022” will include new members only Lunch and Learn webinars, stories from school board service videos delivered to their email inbox and Let’s Connect events at specific conferences sponsored by ASBA throughout the year. Journey 2021-2022 Flyer.

Lunch and Learn Webinars

Every other month, on the fourth Monday of the month, starting in January 2021, ASBA will host Lunch and Learn Webinars. The webinars will be 30 minutes or 60 minutes, depending on the topic and will provide an opportunity for you to hear from ASBA staff and other experts in education on subjects you will encounter in your first two years of service.

January 25, 2021: How to Track and Understand the Legislative Process
March 29, 2021: School District Budgets
May 24, 2021: Ask the Experts: An Interactive Conversation
July 26, 2021: The Do’s and Don’ts of School District Ballot Issues
September 27, 2021: Member’s Choice: The Most Requested Topics
November 29, 2021: Ask the Experts: An Interactive Conversation

Stories of School Board Service

On the fourth Monday of alternating months, you will receive, via your email inbox, a video recording of school board members talking about their experiences in school board service. The stories our members tell will be funny, inspiring and thought-provoking. You will not want to miss these!

Phone A Friend

We are available to talk with members anytime. Call our office at 602-254-1100 to talk with Julie Bacon who will connect you with the appropriate staff member to answer your questions.

Let’s Connect Events

Twice yearly ASBA will host “an event within an event” where new board members can network during the Law Conference and Summer Leadership Institute. Look for details in the event’s agenda.

Tell Us What You Think!

We will send out twice-yearly surveys to gather data on the issues that are important to you and that information will drive our program planning throughout the year. If there is anything you’d like to share with us in between surveys, email Julie Bacon at anytime.

Continue Your Learning

The ASBA Arizona Road Map will help you maximize your effectiveness in your role as a newly elected or appointed governing board member. Keep track of your progress you take a “tour” of various learning opportunities throughout your first two years of service. The Journey Award will be presented every other year at our annual county meetings to members who have committed to getting a solid start on their journey of boardsmanship through varied professional development.

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