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ASBA is your one-stop-shop for superintendent searches. From helping your board become search ready, to launching a statewide or nationwide search, to assisting you with a smooth transition post-search – we’ve got you covered. ASBA offers a wide range of search services, from comprehensive searches to fill a current or future superintendent position, to assisting governing boards seek an interim superintendent when necessary. Please be advised that once a search posting is closed no additions or alterations to a file will be accepted.

ASBA’s primary goal is to develop a search process that will produce the best match for your organization’s needs. ASBA works for the district, not the candidate. The ASBA comprehensive search includes coordinating the entire search process, collecting information on the candidates, maintaining contact with educational agencies and placing advertisements/postings to attract quality candidates. Questions? Contact Kristi Sisk, Chief of Staff, at

Candidates from all parts of the country and ASBA has a nationwide network to ensure that candidates fit your organization’s profile and expectations. The search service is constantly monitored, evaluated and revised to provide the best service to members.

The ASBA application process is ONLINE and easily accessible. Applicants find the process easy to navigate and search consultants are able to provide accurate and timely updates.

ASBA will:

  • Establish a search timeline to meet the specific needs of the district.
  • Assist to determine the qualifications and criteria required for the position.
  • Solicit staff and community input as determined by the board.
  • Develop selection criteria for the position.
  • Develop interview questions.
  • Prepare an online search brochure.
  • Prepare the online application.
  • Announce the search process to community, staff and advertise the position nationally.
  • Accept applications and answer all inquiries from candidates and media.
  • Assist with board screening of applications.
  • Schedule and arrange interviews, tours and community/staff forums.
  • Ensure that all candidates meet the district profile and thoroughly complete the application.
  • Facilitate a meeting with the board and new executive to set goals, review roles and responsibilities, review evaluation process and create communication expectations.
  • Provide legal guidelines to the board for interviewing and running meetings.
  • Assist the board to plan for site visits.
  • Provide salary and benefit comparisons.
To meet the needs of each school district engaged in the search process ASBA believes that:
  • Each school district is unique;
  • Boards know their communities better than the ASBA consultant;
  • Finding the right leadership match is critical to the success of the district;
  • The superintendent selection process should provide opportunities to strengthen the relationship between the school district and the community; and
  • Support should be offered before, during and after the search to support the success of the executive search process.

Pre & Post Search Services

ASBA’s executive search service doesn’t begin with a posting and end with a board’s hiring of a new superintendent. ASBA offers support to assist the governing board to prepare for a search by offering services that help boards become “search ready”. Once the new executive is selected, ASBA can work with your team during the transition to develop positive working relationships including assisting with goal development, establishing effective communications, and reviewing policies involving roles and responsibilities.

Visit our Custom On-Site Trainings page to find out more about becoming search ready.

Search Timeline

ASBA assists the board to determine the nature and extent of the search, thus determining the time required. Successful searches have taken as little as a few weeks to as long as six months. ASBA works with boards to determine effective timelines that reflect their needs, providing ample time for each stage of the process. Timelines may include finding an interim if necessary, and providing and proceeding with a full search at a later date. Here are some examples of different criteria that might alter your timeline:
  • Your board may need time to get “search ready” by ensuring there is agreement around the needs and goals of the district or by addressing conflicts that may negatively impact the search process.
  • Your search may include conducting an internal search first before considering an external search, if credible candidates exist within the organization.
  • Your search may also include an external search that welcomes internal candidates to apply on equal footing with others.
  • Or, your search may include a comprehensive, national search. Particularly in external searches, it is essential that the search timeline takes into consideration, the time for transition, thus enabling candidates to provide adequate notice to their current organization before leaving.

Public Relations Plan 

NEW! Bringing in a new superintendent can be overwhelming. ASBA is providing new service that is included in our superintendent search package. ASBA provides the templates for your media release, introduction to your community, social media graphics and more. When you choose ASBA, we give you the resources to help introduce your new superintendent to the community. Learn more by following ASBA searches on Linked In and Twitter for alerts on search openings and other valuable resources.

Reasons to Choose ASBA

ASBA delivers value. When you choose ASBA, you put the entire strength of your dues dollars to work.
  • We provide you a proven service with costs below market rates.
  • We provide responses to questions and concerns during the search.
  • We become the point of contact for all aspects of the search.
  • We have a national network to help screen candidates from out of state.
  • We utilize an online application system that provides immediate review throughout the search process.
  • We offer pre and post search services to help build teamwork, improve communication and plan for success
  • We give your district resources to introduce your superintendent to the community.
  • We will continue to serve you and the students of Arizona in all areas of governance.
  • We assist the district to adhere faithfully to the Open Meeting Law of Arizona.

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