Superintendent Evaluation


SUperintendent Evaluation

New Superintendent Evaluation Tool for boards coming in July 2021. ASBA and ASA are excited to collaborate on this project and are confident the end product will be a welcome addition to any superintendent evaluation process.

The Arizona School Administrators and Arizona School Boards Association are partnering to develop a comprehensive, standardized, evidence-based and flexible evaluation tool for school boards to utilize when administering the statutorily required yearly performance evaluation of the superintendent. The goal is to create a tool that is easily administered and effective. ASA and ASBA have formed a diverse work group of superintendents and school board members from across Arizona, including urban, suburban, rural and remote districts as well as elementary, union high school, unified, CTED and transportation districts to participate in development of the evaluation tool. The work group is currently meeting with the goal of having an evaluation tool ready for districts who want to participate in a pilot program beginning in July 2021. The work group will tackle the following tasks over the course of the coming months:
  • Review and assess existing superintendent evaluation tools from across the nation.
  • Develop the foundational elements and framework of the tool.
  • Create objectives within the evaluation tool.
  • Provide goal-setting criteria for inclusion in the tool.
  • Develop a timeline for the evaluation process.
  • Create user guides for both school board members and superintendents.
  • Develop a training module for board members and superintendents with ASBA and ASA facilitation.