As the 2014-15 academic year comes to a close and you breathe a huge sigh of relief and launch into summer break, it is fitting to take a moment or two to reflect on how far we have come and where we are headed on behalf of ASBA.

First, I want to recognize each of you for the dedication, talent, energy and care you bring to your school districts. Together, we are making a visible difference for all students, families and communities across the state.

This year we set our sights on some challenging goals and priorities in the areas of K-12 budget and student achievement. We pursued initiatives to work with the Governor and the Legislature to honor quality schools, provided needed flexibility to move dollars into all classrooms across Arizona, and better defined what it takes to educate a child through flexibility language included in the final budget bills.

Let us not forget, the much needed immediate resolution to the inflation lawsuit, which we continue to pursue. Correcting prior indiscretions of inflation funding puts resources directly in the hands of our students and schools, which would immediately increase the dollars being directed towards Arizona students and classrooms. In spite of the challenges of larger classes, fewer supports and reduced services, we will continue to focus on what matters most – ensuring our students are receiving the best educational experience possible.

While working to these priorities, I must acknowledge your continued support through the record attendance we experienced at our events this year, the successful implementation of the ASBA PolicyBridge, and the remarkable benchmark of AZEdNews reaching 250,000 views in the last six months. Thank you.

Even though your school facilities are closed for the summer months, we know the business of education never ends. Important decisions are made all year long. We hope to see you at the Summer Leader Institute, June 11-13 in Flagstaff. Also, please take advantage of the free webinar on Bond and Override Do’s and Don’ts, June 17. All information can be found on azsba.org.

You are a valued member! Thank you for allowing ASBA to serve and assist you and your school districts. Have a great summer!


Dr. Timothy Ogle,
Executive Director, ASBA