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The Arizona School Boards Association provides a variety of training opportunities throughout the year. From regional workshops and statewide conferences to individual board trainings and online resources, ASBA helps prepare school boards and school board members to build knowledgeable, equipped and inspired governance teams.


The Open Meeting Law can be difficult to understand and onerous at times to comply with, however, reminding yourself why it is there might make it easier for you. The public body governing board is there to do the public’s business in public. The public has a right to witness the discussion, deliberation and decision-making done in its name.

Following the requirements of the Open Meeting Law is very important for school board members. School districts depend upon the members of their governing board and other committees to maintain compliance with the law. The public’s trust in its school districts and the officials who govern them is at stake.

Board members should take the time to read the law and retain a copy for future reference. For OML FAQs, click here.

School board members are elected by voters within the school district. School board elections are part of the general election in even-numbered years.

The Arizona School Boards Association is committed to quality leadership and advocacy for children in public schools. We know the best way to guarantee a quality school in every Arizona community is a well-functioning, locally elected school board. As such, we are dedicated to supporting the efforts of potential and future school board governing members.

Since you may be interested in running for a school board position, ASBA has compiled information for aspiring board members here.

As a new school board member, you have much to learn about the roles and responsibilities of a board member. With the increasing demand for educational excellence and fiscal accountability, the responsibilities of school boards are far more numerous and of greater impact than at any previous time in history.

More than 90,000 men and women are members of local school boards in the United States, all serving as important trustees of the nation’s public education systems. In Arizona, approximately 1,200 individuals serve as locally elected school board members.

Becoming an effective board member begins with the philosophy that you are there to serve the children of the district by providing the best education possible with the resources that are available. Every decision at the board table should be focused on how this vote will help the district improve educational outcomes for students and meet its strategic vision.

The Arizona School Boards Association can help boards support the students in their communities through training, policy development and advocacy efforts.

For more information on your new position, follow this link.

ASBA’s Academy of Board Development program recognizes school board members for their commitment, through ongoing professional development, to continuous improvement in service to their students, schools and communities.

Professional development provides school board members with focused and structured opportunities to

  • Gain content knowledge and skills required to effectively govern their school districts
  • Remain current on issues affecting education and student outcomes
  • Acquire critical leadership skills and competencies

ASBA’s comprehensive professional development offerings are delivered through workshops, conferences, events, webinars and custom, on-site board trainings, all designed to equip board members to

  • Support gains in student achievement and greater educational equity
  • Develop effective policies and practices
  • Engage the community as an advocate for public school education
  • Provide responsible district governance as part of a leadership team

ASBA tracks the participation of individual board members in professional development activities and annually presents Academy of Board Development awards for various levels of attainment.

To earn awards through the Academy of Board Development, a board member first must complete ASBA New Board Member Orientation. This foundational one-day session is held in December of even-numbered years. To find out more about our Academy of Board Development program, click here.

This exclusive, yearlong experience is designed for Arizona school board members who want to grow their knowledge base, leadership competencies, advocacy skills and network to extend their influence and impact within and beyond their local communities.

It’s an intensive, highly interactive, relevant and authentic group learning experience designed to result in outcomes tailored to each participant’s own goals.

For more information on Leadership Lab, click here.

ASBA provides individualized training and professional development opportunities throughout the year that enhance the work of Arizona governing boards and encourage continued learning and improvement. Trainings are offered when and where you need them.

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