February 14, 2020

Day 33

Legislative Recap: Week 5 

This week, two positive CTED bills passed through the House Education committee, HB 2381 which prohibits CTEDs from being assigned a letter grade, and HB 2741, which funds a 4th year of CTED education. HB 2762, the Project Rocket Pilot Program, also passed out of the House Education committee and was scheduled for Appropriations on Wednesday, but was held at the last minute. Next week is the last week to hear bills in their chamber of origin, so we’ll see longer agendas and some strike-everything amendments in a rush to get these bills across the halfway mark.

Check out Capitol Impact for our summaries and positions on all current legislation, and click the links to the right for a preview of next week.

Advocacy Day: Monday, February 17 

On Monday, we will be hosting about 60 board members and advocates from all over the state for Advocacy Day. This year’s program will have a focus on the unique issues facing rural schools, but will have lots of relevant content for our urban districts, as well. Senate President Karen Fann will join us for a conversation around lunchtime, and attendees will visit a number of legislators in small groups throughout the afternoon. Thank you to everyone who registered, and we’re excited to see you on Monday!

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