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ASBA Messages

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Your Voice, Our Vision: Shaping the Future of ASBA Together

At ASBA, we’re embarking on an exciting journey of rebranding, and your feedback is crucial in shaping the transformation. 

 As our valued members, your insights are the compass guiding us toward a fresh and invigorated identity.  

Your perspectives will shape not only the new face of ASBA but also the experiences, resources and opportunities we offer.  

Join us in this collaborative effort by participating in the upcoming member survey to redefine our association and create a future that resonates with all of us.  

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Survey closes Nov. 2, 2023. 

We will use this feedback to unveil ASBA’s new logo and other marketing elements at the ASBA-ASA Annual Conference, Dec. 6-8, 2023.  

Your voice matters, and together, we’re building a stronger ASBA.